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Current Initiative: Connect Baltimore Youth With Jobs

Almost 8,000 Baltimore City young people have registered for 2015 YouthWorks - Baltimore City’s 30-year-old summer job program. These young people’s unprecedented motivation to do something worthwhile this summer, demonstrates the true spirit of Baltimore’s young people. Budgeted funding evaporated quickly to provide wage earning jobs to about 5,000 youth, leaving 3,000 youth, eager to learn and earn without summer jobs.

photo 2 - tie New Neighborism Institute is collaborating with YouthWorks to send at least 4 youth @$1,500 apiece to work over the summer. The final five-week program is about to start just over a week from now. Your response is needed now. After 48 hours, New Neighborism will give a check to YouthWorks, giving them time to notify youth of job placements, answer questions and send their soon-to-be supervisors to an orientation session. Click the donate button below now – and together we can make the $6,000 goal help more youth grow into our future workforce.. Thank you.

Building Micro Connections for Macro Results

Unfortunately, many individuals have forgotten the value of the neighbor next door and isolation occurs. This “not-knowing” each other can leave people without the verbal equipment to handle annoyances. Not having relationships in which one is comfortable sharing annoyance, often fester into anger – all of which harm individual and neighborhood wellbeing.

KNOW_YOUR_NEIGHBOR Studies continue to prove that neighbors who trust each other and share a laugh occasionally, live longer as a result of improved mental and physical health. In addition to running some current initiatives, New Neighborism Institute is intent on helping people build connections with neighbors next door, at work, school or whereever groups gather. Such connections build respect and trust over time and provide the foundation toward accomplishing shared goals. Read More


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